More Preset LUA feature requests πŸ™„

Hi @martin,

Some more LUA requests :smiley:

For use in the Preset LUA extension:

  • Could we get a setTimeout / clearTimeout (Javascript) kind of equivalents in LUA? After changing Bank/Program control I want to (after canceling out previous delayed requests) delay the call to patch.requestAll() a bit.
  • Could we get a midi.onMessage () like in the other LUA side?

Cheers, Joris

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I think this should be doable with the existing timer. Maybe a β€œoneShot” option for a timer would do the job?

Already on the todo list, @petruccigp asked for the same for processing note on / offs.

Hi @martin

That sounds good. Can timers able to be cancelled too? Then I think a oneShot option would be great. And good to hear more devs would like midi handling in preset LUA.


I think you should be able to disable the timer in the timer handler function. It should work, never tried that though :slight_smile: