Any "Intro to LUA" tutorials available?

Hi. I’m working on a semi-complex preset for the Alesis Andromeda and am in need of creating a few simples actions. I don’t see a way to do what I need to do in the basic web editor so I think I need to utilize LUA somehow. While I have some background in computer science, and am somewhat familiar with MIDI as it relates to the A6, I’m not sure where to start to understand how to best utilize LUA with the EO.

Specifically, I’m trying to do either of these two things in the preset:

  1. Create a button that sends out two MIDI messages (such as one NPRN command followed by another.)
  2. Create a button that will disable or grey out other buttons/sliders.

For the A6, there are editable items that can only be edited when the screen is active on that parameter type. So I’d like to make a button or a slider that sends out an initial signal to select that window/tab prior to sending the MIDI messages. I don’t care if it’s a button that does two actions sequentially, or if there is a way to have the slider send out one type of command on touching the knob and then another type of command when twisting the knob.

If the above option isn’t feasible, I could have all of the buttons available, but just grey them out or make them inactive until the user pushes the “first” button to make those knobs active. I’m open to either solution.


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There are various tutorial presets that you can download and pick over - I’ve found these to be a big help. You can certainly hide and show controls based on the value of another control

Do you have any preset suggestions? I’ve seen a couple but are fairly complex and feel like I’m getting stuck trying to dissect a complex script instead of seeing a “hello world” script and working up complexity from there.

Nevermind. I literally just found the Hello World app by Martin after I posted this. My bad!

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In respect to the electra I would recommend that you familiarise yourself with the paremeterMap functionality. Outside of that just set yourself some simple goals and drop a message on the forum if you get stuck

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