"mute" Duplicate controls on other pages


is there a way to make duplicate controls not call their functions when their page is not visible?
I’m controlling an FX device completely with Lua functions and I made different pages for the different algorithms. a lot of parameters are occurring in multiple pages and they all call their functions all the time.

A workaround I could think of would be shifting all parameter numbers “out of the way” when the page is not in use, but I guess I’m overlooking something?

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Isn’t there a function to test if the page is visible, and make calling of the full functionality conditional on the outcome?

Ah, I see what you mean.

Worked around this now by using different parameter numbers per page with an offset depending on the page number and then calculating the correct parameter numbers by the lua script that creates and parses the sysex data.

It’s the preset for the Roland SDE-330

I use the “check the active page against my page” thing quite a bit to reduce the extra calls to the functions. I don’t mind using that once I figured it out.

I can come up with scenarios where you might want that to happen behind the scenes, like if you had controls with the same parameter number but called different functions to talk to different synths.

A quick example might be a master volume control that is tied to volume controls for different gear on different pages. Each separate control could be in a different port and channel or have extra functionality. If they all had the same parameter number, then moving one could change them all at the same time and each function is small and direct without the need for a lot of extra coding.