Show/hide or enable/disable controls/pages :)

Is there an ability to show/hide or enable/disable elements based on value selected on other elements?

For example, I am working on Korg Triton exb moss card preset. It has two oscillators, but if you choose a ‘double size’ oscillator type on osc1, osc2 cannot be selected at all. In this case, disabling a control comes in handy.

Using the same example, further parameters for the oscillator depends on the oscillator type chosen on osc1/osc2. In this context, I could benefit from hiding whole pages.

I came across this post Variable control, which discusses virtual/variable/replaceable controls. Perhaps we are looking for the same thing, @SmartBits.

@martin, if it makes sense to move this topic to ideas, please let me know.

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I think it’s the exact same thing as I mentioned indeed.


I totally agree with the idea and I like it. I needed this when I worked with Roland TB3. There is number of controls that depend on the type of FX chosen.

I can imagine there would be an option to control visibility of a control with a condition (< = >) on to value of another control. As more controls will often depend on such a condition, an in-between “object” could be used to make such association. e.g. some kind of group.

I can also see some extra complexity there in setting the values of controls that become visible. On TB3 these parameters share the same parameter numbers (memory addresses in the case of TB3). It means a patch request should be issued at the moment when the condition is met and controls are becoming visible.

At this moment I can say that this will be added to the development list. Do not want to make a decision about the priority right now. Mostly because there are many other feature requests that some users have been waiting for already. I will share an overview at Development plan.

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I talk a lot about visibility, but enabling / disabling a control is also a very valid. As described at Add 'inactive' state to all controls


A variation of this situation is that a single sysex parameter in the specification might do two things depending on the setting of another parameter. You could facilitate the two separate E1 controls but each one is configured to the same sysex parameter and its visibility is able to be controlled via some json or script code. In some instances you might want to just disable the E1 control based on a parameter setting.

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Apologies I typed before reading all the posts. :upside_down_face:

Glad you think this is useful. Amazing list at the development plan page. Early days for Electra but it can already do so much! Looking forward to some of those updates. You can count me in for any discussion/assistance/testing whatever :slight_smile:.