Note attribute for list control / different pad control

I’ve got several devices that take certain commands via notes and not CC values, e.g. the Octatrack sequencer start/stop. I now need to assign a dedicated pad (and space on the E1) per command as the note is only available on buttons. My suggestion is to add the note attribute to the list control, and having the possibility to trigger multiple notes from a list. In the case of the OT sequencer, turning left would then stop (note 33) and turning left (note 34).

A related suggestion would be to allow to half size pads on the location of one. You can then control the half size pads by touching the screen, or by turning the knob left for the one in the left position, and right for the right one. This would also allow to have a start/stop on a single location.

And while we’re on it, I can imagine the note attribute be useful elsewhere. How about a pseudo-arpeggiator controlled by a fader with appropriate note values?

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It can be done. Create one on/off pad a virtual controller and assign it a self made lua function.
In the on position you send note off 33, then note on 34
In the off position you send note off 34 then note on 33

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Thanks - I was hoping this would be possible without Lua (dabbled with it a decade ago but forgot all about it since). But I may need to anyway for some other ideas I have.