Novation Circuit Instrument File

novation-circuit.txt (86.9 KB)

When I first got my Electra at the end of 2019 the first preset I worked on was for my Novation Circuit.

With a lot of help from Martin (and some firmware revisions) I was able to implement the patch request facility on Electra so I could request a patch from the Circuit and have it update all the controls on the electra. It worked very well and really opened up the synth engine on the Circuit for me.

I never got it quite 100% finished though, there were one of two control parameters omitted because of the way that Novation had implemented them in the sys ex. The LUA scripting facilities added to Electra could probably deal with these now… Unfortunately I can’t take the development of this instrument file any further as I have since sold my Circuit.

Attached to this topic is a text file. Rename the extension to .json and you will be able to use this as an instrument file to create your own preset for the Novation Circuit. The patch request facility I think should work but this file was created pre the v2 firmware so possibly may need some hand editing.

Anyway hopefully this should be of use to someone. Happy to answer any questions on it. During the development i found the Circuit Developers Guide to be really useful though if I recall there were a couple of errors in it