Patch request after program change for Waldorf Pulse

The pulse (plus in my case) can send all current parameters states by sysex request, which is used by a maxforlive device to update the state of encoders after a program change.
I would like this as well when using the Elektra to control the pulse, but if I understand correctly according to this Yamaha DX7 / TX7 - #34 by martin it’s nothing possible yet?

It is possible, but as Martin says, you’ll have to download and edit the preset file directly. This the devices section in my Pulse preset:

  "devices": [
      "id": 1,
      "name": "Waldorf Pulse",
      "port": 1,
      "channel": 1,
      "patch": [
          "request": [
          "responses": []
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@akira is correct. It is fully supported in the firmware, it is not possible to do in the editor yet. As mentioned in the linked topic we work on having it available in the editor. I wish we had that already but it is quite a complex feature - regarding the user interface.

Has this changed ie the functionality is now present both in current firmware and in the Edtor?

its only possible by modifying the json

The next release of the will bring a text editor that will allow editing the patch request. That will simplify the work a lot and editing of the patch will not require exporting/importing the presets. That goes nicely together with the recently released support for preset versions.

We are finalizing and testing it currently.

The first release will provide the text editor for the JSON. Later on, we would like to extend it with more user friendly interface.