parameterMap vs control:getValue()

If I know the parameter ID, is there any preference (performance, space, ‘the Electra Way’, etc.) reason to use one of these over the other?

I know if I have to use the control to get the message to get the parameter ID that’s an extra step or two.

   -- most of the time I purposefully set the parameter ID and control ID 
   -- to be the same. This is for illustration purposes only
   tapTime = parameterMap.get(1,PT_VIRTUAL, 80)

   ctl = controls.get(80)
   tapTime = ctl:getValue("value")

Both approaches ultimately lead to a lookup in the parameterMap. However, the speed difference is very marginal. My suggestion is to choose the option that makes the code easier to follow. If you already have the parameter ID, using parameterMap.get seems like a logical choice.