[Preset] Arturia CS-80 V3

I think @shankar was waiting for this one; a preset for the Arturia CS-80 V3 from the V Collection. The only things I didn’t map are the two filter type buttons (couldn’t find any more space and CC’s) and the advanced options. There might be some mistakes in the names of the controls as I’m not too familiar with the CS-80 (or virtual equivalents), so if you spot any let me know!


And here is the mapping file, remove .pdf from the extension, import & have fun!
Arturia CS-80 V3 Electra One.csmidi.pdf (11.7 KB)

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you da man :bowing_man:. Thanks for finishing this so quickly! I am a sucker for the CS-80v and so this really fantastic :slight_smile:. Will let you know if I spot something.

Works like a charm! Will spend more time with it and let you know. Thanks for putting this together, again!