Preset Lua: switching overlays for a control

I am trying to use the example provided here: Preset Lua extension | Electra One Documentation to switch the overlay of a control. Only difference: I want to use an overlay that is currently not associated with a control. I tried adding more overlays directly in the preset json, but when I upload the preset, these extra overlays get dropped.

@martin, since Lua now supports setting overlays, is it possible to support extra overlays so that we can swap them out during runtime?

My use case is about picking banks and programs: RM50 supports setting any channel to a rhythm kit or a synth voice. These kits and voices are organized in named banks and named programs. So, depending on whether I choose kit or voice, I want to be able to show the corresponding banks and programs. Since they are named, I would love to use overlay text instead of just numbers.

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hmm, I did not now it gets dropped. I will review it. My thinking was in line with yours, ie. having more overlay lists available and switch them with Lua.

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