Overlay for toggle buttons

Hi all.

I’m mapping out my Strymon pedals and there’s a few parameters that use two different states. In this specific case the parameter “Tap switch” can have either of the two values “Tap” and “Speed”. When only having two values to choose from it would be fitting to use a button instead of a list for a better and smoother user experience. Therefore, I find it would be great if we could show an text overlay for the two different defined CC values and display them as “Tap” and Speed" in this case, instead of just showing the button being engaged or disengaged. Foremost for the toggle button.

Any thoughts?

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I’ve done something similar with a LUA function. The momentary button has on value of 1, off value of 0 (in my case on/off is really absolute or offset)

function swapLabel(valueObject, value)
   local control = valueObject:getControl ()

   if (value == 0) then
      control:setName("Offset to Filt1")

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Oh, nice! Thanks. I’m gonna try it. I haven’t dived/dove into the LUA scripting yet. Either way it would be a quite handy function for a not too uncommon use case, to have in the online preset manager.

should be straightforward to start. Edit the strings and then paste that into the LUA code area and then for that control put the function name - swapLabel in the edit panel on the left when you click on that control where it has a box for function (not in the Formatter box).

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Ah. Looked for the function box but couldn’t find it… until I added something to the LUA script editor.
On a side note, and somewhat funny, the LUA boxes per control turns up if I enter only a space or a newline into the script editor. :slight_smile:

Yes, it would be great to have overlays for buttons as well to tell not only the actual state but also the meaning for the parameter engaged to it (in the most simple case “ON / OFF” but as @Masarin said in case of a double function select even more helpful)