How to switch lists using LUA ? Ensoniq DP/4

Hi can someone give some general guidance how to switch lists using lua?

I found this: Preset Lua: switching overlays for a control - #2 by martin

I would like to start with a template for the Ensoniq DP4.
The fx have a max of 31 parameters, so there are 4 fx slots / instances.
I would need 1 list per FX and these would be used by any of the 4 fx slots / instances.

Any examples available or a template that does it?

Thanks in advance


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If you need examples on how parameters for FX can be built up dynamically , go check page FX of my Korg 03R/W preset.

Both FX have like 48 types, each of which had a set of up to 7 parameters for which the Names, the minimum value, the maximum value could be different. I solved it using sets of tables, combined with a set of fx management functions:

  • setFx to hide non used controls. You will notice that some name setting and all the color setting was resolved in code instead of in table, because I ran out of memory in FW2
  • sendFx to send out SysEx messages (Korg split its values over more than one byte)

Be aware, it’s not really list switching here, rather name, color and value boundary switching. But it might give you some inspiration.


Am definitely interested in seeing where this goes! My DP/4 is underused as it is! :wink:

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Thanks again @NewIgnis, Ok it doesn’t mean much but I am also dutch :slight_smile:

Yeah the memory worries me, I would need about 45 different lists for the different FX types. Ranging from 8 to 32 parameters.

I think I need to switch only one byte for selecting the right fx.
The rest is just overlay, parameter names and hiding. …
Did not even think about value bounderies…

The sysex spec looks spicey with signed and unsigned etc…

There is a max4live editor btw: Ensoniq DP4 TeleBrain version 1.0 by Harie on

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Thank you, @Flyweight ! Don’t have maxforlive. But read that there is an ios editor out there as well.

@eusti I would really like a template for the for the dp4. @martin owns one too :slight_smile:

I am just not sure if the can handle that many lists and parameter combination.
Besides the list there are also many controls. .
I will anyhow start a POC and see how far i can get.

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Just FYI: I think I read on a Gearspace Thread about the ios editor that the DP/4 needs to be on the latest firmware for the editors to work.

This is the thread.

Interesting, will check it out. I don’t know which firmware I am on.
Oooh 1.15 I see when powering the unit on.

So all good

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Just ordered that firmware last night myself… Had put it off for months, but now that you brought my attention back to the DP/4 I followed through… Thanks for that!