Rendering text with a : and an i causes tiny glitch

Rendering text on the E1 mkII (v3.5.4) with the character : or an i causes a tiny artifact to be rendered. The artifact of the i is less visible but the artifact of the : can be spotted quite easily. It looks like this:

hi @Mint-Gecko, I will get in touch with you on the PM. I am unable to replicate any of the three issues you reported. Let’s review it together.

The picture I uploaded was misleading: the red markers were added by me and were supposed to help finding the actual glitch (soft white pixels appearing with certain characters).

I also found out that l and t are affected by this, too.

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fix released as part of v3.6.0 version of the mk2 firmware.

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Can confirm that the characters a, : and i are rendered much better with v3.6.0.

The characters l and t are still rendered with artifacts.