Option A B C Bug

yet another bug in display :slight_smile:
option A B C display on the device weird name :slight_smile:
On the editor :
Option A B C display bug

On the device :

I begin to think that it could be my device that have hardware problem ?..
That’s a lot of bugs on “basics” functions .
Does it happen to other people ?

ps : “Opthol” And “Opthon” Lol . It’s like the device is drunk :joy:

I made a further test : The name are absolutly not constant . for example for the second “opthon C” on time on the two the name is Opthol to…lol. and when it’s opthol i just have to touch the upper physical knob of the device then it become Opthol…
I really think it’s hardware .
What do you think ?

Perhaps try to reflash the firmware.
Also check if you can see any issues in the device log

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Yep . I was afraid to reflash something after the current weird statue of the device . But at this point , why not :grin: . I will that on sunday .
Thanks ! Have a nice day !

Hi @Abbes,

reflashing the firmware is perfectly ok. It is implemented in such a way, that even if you had a totally broken firmware image, it should still work. If the unit does not survive the update, something is really bad there.

In any case, I am, of course, ready to replace the unit, if it still behaves weird after the firmware is reloaded.



Thanks so mutch ! i will take a try on sunday and keep you in touch .
have a nice evening ! :wink:

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Oh, i forgot to post :laughing: .Finally connected it and made the firmware update with the EOC and the image downloaded on the website . but no luck . It still does not display correctly . I put back the device in his package, ready to get repared :slight_smile: . Things happen , that’s life . Waiting for your next instruction regarding the shipping. Thanks so much for your care about me and your customers communication ! The few experimentation on the device was still really funny and easy as i could imagine . Can’t wait to discover more !
Have a nice day !

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