Roland MKS70 Vecoven

Recently I was asked about a preset for Roland MKS70 with the Vecoven upgrade. Here is the preset that was developed by a friend of mine a while ago.

As I do not have MKS70 at this moment, so I cannot verify if the preset works. But maybe somebody can… The preset expects MKS70 connected to port 1 channel 1.

roland-mks70-vecoven.epr (113.8 KB)

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Still working on the MKS-70 preset that I was doing based on the preset form the library. Haven´t done a deep testing of all parameters yet but in gerneral it works quite good. Need to do some changes in the layout to adapt it to my workflow.

Hi Martin, I tried to import your roland-mks70-vecoven.epr file to verify it but it simply doesn’t show in my MY PRESETS page. Any idea what could be the problem ?

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Interesting. As I’m working on a Vecoven 4 version myself I wanted to check out @martin 's version too and I have to confirm @nuipb 's observation: For me as well the preset didn’t show up in “my presets” after importing it… Not sure what’s going on…

I gave it a try myself’ with a bit different result, after the copy the preset disappeared. Not only from ‘my presets’ but also from ‘public presets’. Fyi , I did the copy on an iPad, as I do not expect to need webmidi for this. And I started from the preset library page, not from the download link that Martin provided in this topic (first message)

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@NewIgnis Thank you for trying!
I thought this one was a different preset not the one from @Feinsveur that’s why I wanted to try this one too.