Send OSC messages with E1


It’s not the basic purpose of the E1 but I’m wondering if someday it would be possible to natively send OSC messages with the unit. It would be a game-changer for some users.

Thank you.

PS: if it’s already possible with Lua, please tell me how. Even if it’s the case, it would be nice to have a dedicated interface to deal with.

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E1 was designed with this in mind. The OSC data is usually transferred using the UDP protocol (which can be simplified to saying it uses internet connection). mk2 hardware makes it possible to connect USB network / wifi adapter. The main development effort still goes to MIDI though. There is still quite some stuff to do and improve.


Thanks for your response Martin.

Are you saying that MK2 can be connected to a network via an USB to RJ45 adapter? And/or a wifi adapter can be connected to the USB port (instead of an internal installation)?

In any case, I understand there’s still hope to see that implemented someday :crossed_fingers:

yes. When done, OSC and Ableton link should be the next steps.


wow! that’s really good news! :grinning:

… that’s amazing … :heart_eyes: :star_struck: :tada: