Set a specific value to a Control

Hi everybody,
I hope you enjoy your Sunday.

I recently stumbled upon Martin’s great tutorial on creating scenes. Although I’m absolutely not a programmer (as probably most people know :wink: in the meantime), I’ve gotten pretty far into successfully sending MSB/LSB/PRG change as well as SyxEx commands from just one pad.

I’m now wondering if it would also be possible to send - out of a scene - a value to the instrument and then set a knob to that specific value to start optimizing from there. I looked at the tutorial titled “[LUA] Value Ranges” and tried adjusting things from this example using setDefault or setValue but couldn’t get anything done. As follows one (out of probably 66) version I tried…

function setDefault(valueObject, value)
local control = controls.get(13)
local value = control:getValue()

I would also really appreciate if someone could recommend examples for me to look at on how to create some sort of macro controller. For example, to control i.e. filter and resonance with just one controller at the same time with different predefined ratios. But please just recommend something that is doable for a stupid guy like me without having to study programming for a decade. :joy: Thanks!

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