Add 'inactive' state to all controls

This would be in conjunction with adding macros that allow one to have the state of one control, depending on a certain condition, to control the state of another.

Sometimes a setting of one parameter on a synthesiser makes other parameters irrelevant (e.g. you can’t set the pulse width on a wave shape that isn’t a pulse/square wave).

This could be represented by the control on the device screen by being ‘greyed out’, dimmed, or drawn with dotted lines. Then the user would know there would be no change to the sound if they tried to adjust that particular parameter.


Yep, I’m getting into that sort of challenges a lot lately.

While hidden the unnecessary controls at first sight delivers a solution, it’s not the best way forward in a lot of cases. I would also be in favour of keeping some controls still visible and controllable but indicated as ‘inactive’.

In doing so, one could still control its value without any constraint. All of its logic would still apply. So we could be setting values for a desired outcome before using it again audibly.
If dimming or greying out the controls is requiring too much from the E1, maybe we use another color for the control text ? That text is always WHITE, and in this case it could be RED or GREY.

A good use case are Effects settings: Turning an effect Off should keep its controls visible but greyed out, so a new effect can be set before it is activated again. And many synths have effects.

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Also PWM, LFO, oscillators

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