Some web editor requests/suggestions

I’ve used the web editor a fair bit and have some thoughts for features/requests.

1. Default parameter sysex string
Many devices use a sysex parameter change pattern like:

(manufacturer ID),
(product ID),
(device ID),
(command ID),
(parameter address lsb),
(parameter address msb),
(parameter value lsb),
(parameter value msb),

Is it possible to configure a sysex parameter message default string, so that all I have to do is edit the (parameter address) bytes for any control added to a preset via the web editor? It’s very tedious to set all the redundant bytes over and over…

2. Display control name within lightbox
In the web editor, when I am editing the sysex for a control, can it display the control name within the lightbox e.g. near the top? It’s easy to forget exactly which control you’re editing while referring to documentation.

3. Envelope types
I know others have asked about this, but there are many envelope archetypes used across many devices. Is there an overall plan or strategy to add to the current types available?

4. Text file import
Is there any plan to specify a template for .csv/.txt file import of sysex metadata and list values? This would be highly desirable for the 80% of parameters that have a simple structure or dozens/hundreds of list values.

(Yes I suppose in some cases you could use a request message to populate parameter value lists dynamically, but this seems like needless added processing and complexity for most out-of-production gear whose list values are stored in ROM and never change).

(And yes, I know there is JSON, but this is not very user friendly and a pain to work with for non-programmers - endless scrolling and nested brackets across 000’s of lines makes me go nuts and scream at the moon!).


For the parameter sysex: just copy one json of a parameter sysex into another parameter, and then change the specific bytes via the editor if desired.
That works well.
Keep on pasting that json in all other sysex parameters

Thanks for that suggestion. As a workaround I suppose json is fine, but for a typical musician it can be a bit cryptic and intimidating.

I think like a lot of users, I would prefer to use the GUI for the 80% of controls that are fairly simple and routine, and only turn to code if I want to do something novel and complex.

On a related topic, I have noticed a weird behaviour when copying and pasting sysex controls within the GUI - I think it’s a bug, so I’m going to post it over on the bug channel.