Sysex For Multiple Devices


I just received my E1 and have run into a confusing situation.

I am running MIDI note sequences from my Synthstrom Deluge into the USB HOST and it goes thru to the appropriate synth just fine; however, the particular synths I want to control (Dx7 mk1 & D-550) both require MIDI sysex on Channel 1.

I am trying to be concise as I can, so here is what I would like to do:

  • Send incoming note data from 2 separate MIDI channels.
  • Have this note data go to separate MIDI out ports on a per channel basis. We’ll say Ch 1 note to MIDI out 1 and Ch 2 note to MIDI out 2.
  • Keep the MIDI output of each port as MIDI Channel 1 as required.

Is this something that is possible with the E1 alone, or do I need to look into another device?

I’d appreciate any input.

Yep. Possible. You just let one channel go through and the other one you deviate to the other port and to channel 1. You’ll need to intercept the note on and note off midi messages and route them elsewhere. Sysex too. And probably some cc changes as well. You ‘ll need some programming to do in lua.
You might get some inspiration from the notes transmittor preset I made. It does not change ports but it does route incoming traffic elsewhere.
Be aware , I have not foreseen to stop the original traffic from going through to its original destination but that is not a problem in your case either.

On the other hand, you should look into changing a byte in the source of the sysex. In case of roland they made it their habit in the days of the D50 and D550 to include the midi channel inside the device id. So if you’d put the midi channel of the d550 on 2 instead of 1 and would change the device ID byte in its SysEx messages accordingly , your problem might be solved in a more generic way.

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Thank you so much. That makes total sense. Will try to change the ID byte first before diving into lua.

Hello again, I just wanted to update this and say that you solved my issue. DEV was byte 3 so I changed that and was able to transfer sysex on another channel. Thank you!

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You are most welcome:-)