How to separate midi ports?

Hi there. I would like to separate the 2 midi ports so messages don’t get sent from one port to the other. When I finish the cycle with my 2nd set of synths and plug back into the 2nd port in, it mucks everything up. I’m sure there is a way in the configuration you can separate them but I can’t work it out or find any instructions. Thank you!

hmm, I am not sure I fully understand what you mean. E1 messages are always sent to specific port (1 or 2) and there is no simple way to route messages between the ports. Pls share more info about that you need to do. Thx!

Hi Martin. I’m having difficulty understanding a lot about the electra. I think I’m a bit out of my depth! I was trying to understand the midi routing section. After looking at it some more, I think I have fluked it to how I need it. Just have to leave it alone now. I was plugging in the completed circle of midi back to midi in and dials were going crazy. Thanks for helping :slight_smile: