Toggle CC# instead of CC values?

Hi E1 people, I was wondering if there could be a way to toggle between 2 CC# instead of between 2 CC values with a Pad Toggle. Would anyone have a clue ?

I am afraid that this cannot be one without using Lua. I can create an example for you, but I need to know more about how it should work. Shall the Pad toggle send the message by itself? say, when switched from off → on it would send CC# 1 with value 1 and when switched from on → off, the CC #2 with value 1 would go out?

Thank you very much to consider reflecting on my request. Yes ideally the same Pad Toggle would be able to send CC#X with value a when ON and CC#Y with value b when OFF and the user being able to fill the fields for X, Y, a & b.