Changing CC number for a slider with LUA, possible?

I have an option list with 3 values 0, 1, 2. I have a slider with values 0-20. The slider outputs CC 61 as default. I wonder if it’s possible to change the CC the slider outputs from LUA based on the value of the option list? For example:

If option list = 0 then slider outputs CC 61
If option list = 1 then slider outputs CC 39
If option list = 2 then slider outputs CC 69

sure you create to virtual sliders. One wiht the option list, wen with the values 0-20.
The latter you gice it a function f.i. sendCCvalue.

In lua you create this function.
In the function you first take the value of the option list and map it to a local variable CCnum (after having mapped it to 61, 39, 69…)
Then you use the
midi.sendControlChange (port, channel, controllerNumber, value)
function to transmit the value of the function .