Two's Complement issues

I noticed a previous firmware was suppose to add support for Two’s Complement, but I can’t seem to get it to work correctly with my Oberheim Matrix 1000 using Sysex.

When I set Minimum and Max values in the Electra One editor (-63 and 63 respectively), when turning the Electra knob, the value of 1 is showing as 20h in Midi monitor when it should still be just 1, and -62 is showing up as 00h in Midi Monitor.

My understanding is that it should be like this…

  • the value 0 means 0,
  • values from 1 to 63 mean 1 to 63,
  • 64 means the most negative value: -64,
  • 65 means -63, 66 means -62, and so on,
  • 127 means -1.

Can this be corrected?

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Any thoughts on this?

Hi. Current firmware does not support Two’s Complement. It will be re-introduced in the next firmware release.

Ah okay. At least I know it wasn’t something I was doing incorrectly. Thanks!

Already working on it, it will be back in upcoming release. If everything goes ok, it will be out before end of the week.

@four_corners Hi, new firmware 1.3.1 and App was just released: Firmware 1.3.1

Now you can set SignMode: Two’s Complement for controls with negative min value.