Firmware 1.3.1

Firmware 1.3.1 is available for download. It is an optional update but I recommend updating your Electra.

I haven’t updated the documentation yet, we will wait for your feedback, especially on handling the sign/negative MIDI values.

The firmware is available on the Downloads page .


  • Support for handling “sign” for negative MIDI values has been added. Two’s complement and Sign bit modes are supported.
  • Electra remembers the last active preset. The preset is then loaded automatically on the next power on.
  • When editing and uploading the same preset to the controller, the current page and control set are not reset. ie. you stay on the same page/control set
  • DX7/TX7 envelopes improved (the indication of an active value is still missing though)
  • MIDI IO Thru configuration stays in place even if Electra is switched off
  • Pads are using lighter colours, ie. they keep the same colour/shade scheme as other controls

Thanks to @nuipb for discovering some of the above issues and suggesting handy features, @four_corners for reminding us that the handling of “sign” is missing.

@four_corners please get in touch with me regarding the OB Matrix 1000 preset, I will help you to get the two’s complement values working.


That’s fantastic! Thanks

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Thanks for the helpful improvements.
By the way, when inputing MIDI into the E1 I see the “MIDI 1 IN” on the top of the window blinking brighter to show the MIDI action. Wouldn’t it make sense to display the MIDI action at the MIDI OUTS the same way ?
And when I open an envelope I don’t have the locking feature, am I missing something ?
Also, maybe instead of creating ADSR envelopes AND ADS envelopes AND DX7 envelopes AND probably tomorrow another synth offers more segments, maybe it would be best to allow only 1 format where you can define the number of segments you wish ? A little like the lists where you can program as many steps as you wish ? what do you think ?


I had reasons why I did that this way in past, but I agree. I will put the indication of outgoing MIDI data back. It can be confusing.

The I made it so envelopes are locked by default. My thinking was that they are multi-value controls and therefore users might want to change more values when they open the detail window.

Tomas already came with some ideas how to optimize it. Please take it as steps towards better solution one day :slight_smile:

Great, looking forward, thanks !