USB Device not recognized

My Electra One II isn’t working, it did yesterday. My Win 10 Device Manager says Unknown Device, and something about not responding to a USB device name query after about 20 seconds. The Electra One screen shows the logo and a progress bar for v3.4 which moves all the way to the end, then it freezes at 100%. I tried a Reset, but it does the same thing. I tried different USB ports, no difference. I tried a different computer (Win 7) but it also says 'Unknown Device under the USB devices.

Any Ideas?

OK, I got it back. I did a Reset, then quickly held down the upper left and lower right buttons to do an OS update and it connected the USB port. I then Sent a preset to it and now it’s working. Thank Heavens.

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It did it again when I Sent the Dynamic Lists preset to the Electra… There is something wrong with that preset.

Isn’t that for version 3.5?
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