USB Host to send and recieve on DIN1 and DIN2 ports?

Can I setup the Electra one so

  1. USB HOST midi is coming out of DIN out 1 and 2 and
  2. DIN IN1 and 2 are merged and send to the Electra One USB Host device and USB

I would like to do this for a small Jam setup. When I tried a connecting an OP1 ( usb host ), Pioneer Sp16 and AS1 I did not manage.

Did you check the configuration page? Seems it could help if i read you well.

Hi Richard yes, But that is not the solution I think.
I tried but USB host is always bound to 1 DIN port only, not both at the same time.


Cheers Tim

Hello. Maybe a bug or a misspelling, since it’s written portS i assumed that it was for both.

I have read MIDI message routing | Electra One Documentation

On the Electra for USB host you can select port1 or port2 not both.
What I want/need is DIN PORT2 to be a clone of PORT1

currently, Electra always routes messages between the interfaces (USB Host, USB dev, MIDI IO) keeping the port unchanged and 1:1. It means that message sent to USB Host port 1 will be always sent the to, say, MIDI IO port 1 when enabled. A message sent to USB Host port 2 will land on the MIDI IO port 2. The same counts for all other interfaces. This functionality can be enabled or disabled. At this moment there is no way to re-route messages from port 1 to port 2 or duplicate them to both ports.

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