Using MIDI USB to Synth MIDI USB not working on macOS // routing?


I am desperately trying to make a preset … I forgot my MIDI cables but I figured that the Electra One and my synth Elektron Digitone both have USB MIDI.

Here is what I tried:

First setup (without any success):

Since I thought … who else would route my MIDI signals from one device to another than my Computer … I went to the Audio & MIDI Device setup app

I configured one knob on the Electra One and it sends this message now:

19:56:25.174 | RECEIVE    | ENDPOINT(Elektron Digitone) TYPE(CONTROLCHANGE) CHANNEL(1) DATA1(95) DATA2(84) 

The knob is configured like this:

On the Digitone I have a MIDI track that sends and receives CC 95 0-127

When I turn that knob I see in my MIDI monitor this:

20:00:04.837 | RECEIVE    | ENDPOINT(Electra Port 1) TYPE(CONTROLCHANGE) CHANNEL(1) DATA1(95) DATA2(37)

Hm… So any idea what I’m doing wrong? Would be nice if the two could see each other so I can quickly use MIDI learn to create my buttons.


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Hi Jan,

as far as I know AMS (audio midi setup) does not act as a router. It would be great if did though…

What you can do is to connect your Digitone to Electra’s USB Host port. That should work.

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Totally! Of course! Works!! Thanks for the quick answer!

You have to admit … what I did in AMS looks like a MIDI routing, feels like a MIDI routing and acts like MIDI routing (if you look at the MIDI monitor log I pasted) … what the hell? :smiley:

I am bit confused now. Connecting to the USB Host port works or did you get the routing in AMS working? :slight_smile:

USB Host port works :slight_smile:

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