Value formatter range issue

It appears that if you define a control with a min or max outside the range of 0 - 511, the formatter function is not called.

I’m on OS 2.1.2 and I’m using NRPNs that are bi-polar (-100 to +100) or have larger ranges (0 - 1023) and none of the formatter functions do anything if the min or max is outside 0 to 511.

Easy test - copy and paste the “addPercentage()” formatter, put it on a control with the range 0 to 511. It works. Adjust the range to 0 to 512 and it stops working.

The fader value is not displayed when it is above 511 on purpose. Higher values did not work ok with the fader graphics. As I am thinking about that now, it does not make much sense to keep the restriction there. Especially, when the value is overloaded with the formatter. I will change that in the next release.

Thanks for considering it. Also it doesn’t like negative values for the minimum.

I agree in the original concept - when the display is overloaded with large numbers, it ends up being not manageable, but with the formatter routines, typically a developer will end up scaling/displaying a more reasonable value.

In a few of my cases, the raw (-999 to +999 or 0 to 1023) values are scaled through a mathematical equation to derive the actual numbers that are in the range of -99.9 to +99.9 or number of milliseconds for an attack time like 0.50 to 10 seconds.

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