Displayed value Bug on the E1 Device

I created a “fader” 7 Bit CC . I set a value from 1 to 8 (it was ms) and was awaiting decimals but i didn’t found how to have decimals and had integer .
then i decided to have nano seconds and value from 100 to 800 … but those values are not displayed :slight_smile:
Time not displayed 2
And it is on the Editor :
Time displayed

Have a nice day !! :wink:

ps : It works for “μs” scale with values between 10 and 80

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no really a bug. It is an intended feature. When the value representation is too long, it is not displayed. As the value text is moving along with the fader, it would do quite some funky jumping here and there. I am working on different design of the faders to prevent this issue.

what about static value in the center as an option or when the number is to big? is there a way to display decimals and units , perhaps i missed that ?
thanks !
have a nice day ! :slight_smile:

you can resolve this with formatters via Lua

Here are some examples Electra One App

In the second one go look for controllers “20hz / 700hz” , “Lo Shelf Freq” and “Hi Shelf Freq” and their attached formatting function + lua. This is what you are also trying to do.


I really don’t want to get involved in scripting. I want editing templates to be as no code and wysiwyg as possible … but this integration for formating strings seems really quite easy and already done .Just matter of copy paste. cool. Thanks !

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I have been at a similar point last weekend.

I first also copied some of the formatting scripts to get higher values displayed but at the end found out that it also works if you use a blanc label under “TEXT OVERLAYS”. No scripts necessary because the value is then displayed above a way smaller fader. I personally even like the smaller faders and IMHO the value display color on black is better visible so I even changed that to faders with lower value ranges.


That’s cool! Need to try it :slightly_smiling_face: