Why can I not choose Generic MIDI (Port 1 - Channel 1)?

Why can I not choose Generic MIDI (Port 1 - Channel 1)? As you can see it works in my Streichfett preset.

There are 16 devices . Each device has a name, a port and a channel. A device stands for a hardwre or software equipment, like a synth or a efffectbox, that can be MIDI controlled.
When you define a control on the E1 you will assign it to one of these devices.
So you can make presets for the E1 that can control 16 devices in one go. Vangelis would have loved this.

Most published presets though aim at controlling only one synth, so they will only use one device. If I for instance use some one else’s preset, but I have my synth on a different MIDI channel, connected to another port or I want to name the device differently, I can do so by changing the device itself and keep the rest of the preset intact. All controls for that device will simply change along. Very easy and practical.

So what happened with that Generic Device for port 1 and channel 1 that seemingly has vanished? It is still there but the author decided to rename it and to give it a different port. You can now rename again if you want to.

Thanks for your answer. Where do I rename it?

Thanks so much. I’ve been looking all day for that :slight_smile: I’m so grateful.