Web editor : device label oddity

looks like a cut n’ paste error …
when a control is selected, and you are selecting device - Port 1 , Channel 9 is missing :slight_smile:

ok, so Ive now realised this is not a typo, but rather a ‘feature’ , that is being displayed a bit confusingly here…

l’ll back up and talk about the feature, and why I will be using it more :slight_smile:
(in case others are not familiar… as i completely missed it!)

so the thing I didn’t realise was… is that the ports/ch in the web editor are freely configurable.
this is really impotant and useful.

basically the idea is simple.
when we create a preset we assign it to a ‘device’ which we can name, and assign to a port and a channel.

by default we see 16 devices, each for port a and port b, all called generic midi.

the idea is each time you want to assign control a specific device , you should rename it, and assign it a port and midi channel…

so lets say I have 3 devices in my preset
DX7 on port A midi ch1
DX1 on port A midi ch 2
Virus on Port B midi ch 1.

What I would do is:
go to the device section,
select first device (default to generic midi p1/ch1), and rename do DX7
select first device (default to generic midi p1/ch2), and rename do DX1
select third device (default to generic midi p2/ch3), and rename to Virus, and change to midi port 2, Ch1 (!)

now I can assign in the editor controls to these 3 name devices.

why do it like this?
I could just assigned to generic midi P1/1 P1/2, P2/1!

true I could… but this encourages the idea that these devices are specific to a port/channel.
ie. if I move my Virus to midi port 1/ ch5…, then I need to go to every control and change the device its using.this is completely wrong! … you dont need to do this… you simply can remap device the Virus controls are using to P1/Ch5

where this is really important is if you are sharing presets !!!
another user does not know what port and channel you are using for your device (and likely uses somethinig different), so instead they woudl like to just see a device name and assign that to the port/channel they are using.

so this goes back to the ‘bug’ I thought I saw!

in fact the ‘bug’ is more a quirk.
so the preset only assigned labels to the devices when you use them.

it appears what I did was at some point, assign a control (in error?) to port 2/ch1
this meant the preset held
GM p1/ch1-8
GM p2/1

the other unused labels are not stored.
SO… when later it was ‘recalled’ it brought in these saved labels…
thereby overwriting device 9 - which would be p1/ch9… as if Id reassigned it.
(all the other ‘missing’ devices are auto generated)

@thetechnobear Yes, you nailed it :slight_smile:

Each pre-defined device is configurable for precisely the reasons you described. The devices are pre-populated in the UI to make them easier to pick. However, it is evident that the current device management UI is confusing and will need some design improvements.

Thanks for your valuable input!

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I wonder if it might be easier for the user to create new ‘devices’, and then name them, and assign them to port/channel.
perhaps have one created by default, to port 1/ch1 … so that for a large number of presets, that are one device - all that is needed is to change the assignment (say for midi ch?)

all that said, once I figured out what was going on… I realised its very powerful what we currently have :slight_smile:

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