XY Pad On the screen?

Hello , i was thinking about buying an XY pad and just thought that the screen of the E1 would be perfect for that.
The idea :

Add a “normal” pad in a normal way to a slot of the grid .
The pad can send 3 values :
For example the pad can send 3 CC 7bit. but it could also be 2 CC 7 bit and 1 CC 14bit …

Once one finger touch the “XY” pad we can move our finger on the screen.
Once we touch the screen we send a Hold CC ON (whatever value it is) like a normal pad .
Then a details windows open automaticaly and we can move our finger on the screen .
Moving our finger transmit for the x axe a CC and for the y axe another CC .

Then when removing the finger, the details panel close automaticaly.
The Hold CC value go back to it’s default OFF value

Would such a thing possible on the E1 ?


Or we could have an XY pad with a size we can define beforehand, f.i. A grid of 2 by 2 slots.

So it does not need to open or close , it is always there.
The upper encoders that are covered by the width of the grid are then used to select the depth of the controls of the Y axis, the lower controls set the depth of the controls of the x axis (assuming the grid is at least 2 slots in height)

In other words, If an XY pad is three slots wide, you can set the depth of 3 parameters independently on the X and 3 others on the Y axis.


For me, opening an extra XY-Pad view like the ADSR details or “touch encoder bar” would be fine. Could be manually closed afterwards.
Open the pad view and every direction could be connected to one parameter or just two bidirectional parameters. Happy morphing instead of turning two or more encoders. Would be another nice way to act next to the hardware knobs :smiley: