XY Pad On the screen?

Hello , i was thinking about buying an XY pad and just thought that the screen of the E1 would be perfect for that.
The idea :

Add a “normal” pad in a normal way to a slot of the grid .
The pad can send 3 values :
For example the pad can send 3 CC 7bit. but it could also be 2 CC 7 bit and 1 CC 14bit …

Once one finger touch the “XY” pad we can move our finger on the screen.
Once we touch the screen we send a Hold CC ON (whatever value it is) like a normal pad .
Then a details windows open automaticaly and we can move our finger on the screen .
Moving our finger transmit for the x axe a CC and for the y axe another CC .

Then when removing the finger, the details panel close automaticaly.
The Hold CC value go back to it’s default OFF value

Would such a thing possible on the E1 ?