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Please tell us about features you would love to have.

A copy page in the editor… Makes it easy if you have a basic layoutt robe courte to another page… Also maybe a a possibility to select more buttons or faders at the same time do u can assign for example the same midi channel to all of them instead of having to select each param and then adjust it one by one…

Sorry if already asked got mine only yesterday and I already tried to make some stuff… Workflow fuels creativity.
Maybe an android app of the editor… Ok too much asked :rofl:

Thnx love the co troller already. Greetings.

More colors…?

Maybe also a select page and options to set the midi for each module… (fader or knob etc… to the same midi channel)
also maybe a toggle button to choose that each slot in the editor gets auto midi-cc mapping from 1 to 127
so you don’t have to input them one by one?