The colours in the editor do not match the hardware display’s colours exactly. They are a bit too bright and pale for me. I would like them to be a bit more saturated. Blue, green and purple are quite ok, but red is too brown / pink and orange is actually yellow on the hardware.

Also, it would be great if we could choose even more colours.


After evaluating, it has more to do with the contrast. If I look right on top of the unit, the colors look much better. Is there any way to adjust the display’s contrast to have the correct contrast at the angle from where I"m sitting? Thanks!

Hello everyone, new to the community…my Electra just arrived yesterday and can’t wait to get my hands on over the weekend

I just want to bring up the colour question,also wondering if it is possible in the future to get more options. Thinking of making a colorpicker preset for Resolume if the controller works with it…didn’t try it yet.

Thanks anyway…it’s a great little beast:)

Hi Daniel,

welcome here!

It might seem odd but the number of colours is reduced for performance reasons. Using a limited number of predefined colours saves Electra from doing lots of colour computations. We want to improve this in future but for now, we decided to prefer faster responses and higher midi data throughput to having more colours. The same counts for the question about contrast @aurex had in past. When we feel people are happy with Electra’s feature set, we will address things like colours.


Hey Martin,

Would be really nice if we could create our own colour pallette and upload it to the device or something – I’m not happy with the colours as well.


There is a big major firmware upgrade on the way - still quite some work to do. This upgrade comes with support of RGB colours as we know them from HTML.


Wow :slight_smile: Really looking forward!!