Administrative feature requests

Couple of things we need:

  1. versioning of Presets - I cloned the Pulse presets, made a mess out of it, wanted to get the old one back, but it has been changed
  2. integrate “getting” a preset from the Electra
  3. some kind of backup function for presets
  4. subscription for presets - when a preset has been changed by the author, notify people using that preset
  5. deleting a field doesn’t work here, backspace goes one page back, also on Windows there’s a delete key for that :wink:

Totally concur to all these requests and would add : visually organise the Preset Library page by brand and model of controlled device with of course an easy way to jump to this or that first letter of brands and of models…


that’s a great idea as well! :slight_smile:
also: different sorting mechanisms!

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The old Lemur forum/site had a similar thing. You had a small graphic picture of the main screen, a brief description/author/date and a link to download the template. They only gave you alphabetical and date sort options and it got difficult sorting through similar titles and stuff you didn’t care about. Grouping by target manufacturer would be very useful.

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