Access Virus TI SysEx Help Needed

I had this in a reply somewhere, but not sure the visibility was there to get it answered…

I have tried using the preset, However, the OSC Mode controls do not function at all. I have done some digging using MIDI-OX and it appears that Electra.One is not sending the right SysEx data string. For OSC 1 Mode it should be sending: “F0 00 20 33 01 10 6E 40 1E xx F7” (where “xx” is the value of the mode). I have sent this string via MIDI-OX and it will change the parameter. However, when I feed the EO into MIDI-OX the output it receives is: "F0 00 20 33 01 10 6F 00 36 01 F7 " so the “6E 40 1E” section of the string is made into incorrect bytes, and I am not sure what is going on, or how to fix it (I am very new to SysEx, and don’t really know what I am doing). The JSON looks right:
["F0", "00", "20", "33", "01", "10", "6E", "40", "1E", {"type": "value"}, "F7"]
But it still wont function correctly. Anyone got any idea what can be done to correct it? Thank you

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I am looking at the preset now. Some controls do send different messages indeed.

found the cause of that behaviour. Fix will be included in the upcoming firmware release. I am aiming at releasing it at the end of this weekend or early next week.

Awesome, thank you so much!

I am still having some slight issues when testing the new release. So there is a bit of delay ;(

Please give it a try with the new v3.6.0 version of the firmware. I tested it and it seems to be ok now.

Sorry for the delay, was out on a business trip. That did the trick! It functions as expected now, thank you so much Martin!! :slight_smile:

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Seems like I use the same preset but when I’m choosing the vco mode does not work properly. Any idea how to solve this?

The fix for me what just to update to latest firmware, working fine now :slight_smile:

Can you try to send the Sysex message to choose the VCO mode to your Virus manually (using web app midi console, sendmidi, sysex librarian)? To see if it is picked up by the synth ok.

I’m using VST plugin with template for Virus. This is actually happening also for other parameters that are lists/map of parameters. So it could be that the ableton does not handle those sysex messages correctly.

I know that part of the parameters are CCs and part is Sysex. Can you check (you can see that in the E1 preset) if those that are not working are sysex parameters? If CCs work and Sysex not I’d guess that Sysex is not passed by the VST.