MIDI implementation for Access Virus TI2?

I wonder where I can get MIDI implementation for Access Virus TI2?

There is a preset for the TI which probably has a bunch of stuff figured out:


I think there are CC lists in some of the older forums though.

Thanks adamc. I will check that out.

I have tried using the preset, However, the OSC Mode controls do not function at all. I have done some digging using MIDI-OX and it appears that Electra.One is not sending the right SysEx data string. For OSC 1 Mode it should be sending: “F0 00 20 33 01 10 6E 40 1E xx F7” (where “xx” is the value of the mode). I have sent this string via MIDI-OX and it will change the parameter. However, when I feed the EO into MIDI-OX the output it receives is: "F0 00 20 33 01 10 6F 00 36 01 F7 " so the “6E 40 1E” section of the string is made into incorrect bytes, and I am not sure what is going on, or how to fix it (I am very new to SysEx, and don’t really know what I am doing). The JSON looks right:
["F0", "00", "20", "33", "01", "10", "6E", "40", "1E", {"type": "value"}, "F7"]
But it still wont function correctly. Anyone got any idea what can be done to correct it? Thank you