AD envelope please


I hope you could do an AD envelope.

I just edited the json file, deleting the “release” part of the ADR. While release does not appear anymore in the editor, it’s still there on the E1 (release part being buggy of course).

Thanx a lot


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And for all types of envelopes, it would be nice when when opening the envelope GUI, one of the free knobs could be attribute to envelope depth (intensity)

Plus one!

And I think we need to make the environment control a bit more configurable, e.g. my Rev2 has DADSR with a delay in front, and the Korg DW8000 has the peculiar 5 stage envelope. I think we’d need to make one generic envelope control where you can specify which values are horizontal/time and which are vertical/value.

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Exactly! As well as designate the number of envelope stages, 2 to 8 perhaps?