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I wanted to offer two small pieces of feedback that I think will enhance the site. First, include the forum in the primary nav for

For the preset library, how can we do a better job of tagging? When I was looking to buy Electra, I first came to the preset library, filtered by hardware, and was disappointed to see a relatively short list. Of course on further exploration, I see that there are many hardware presets, they just weren’t correctly tagged.

Thank you.


I mentioned both these some while ago so I guess they will happen eventually…
For the tagging I think the most obvious/universal organisation order would be at least 3 obligatory fields before creating any preset :

  1. Hardware or Software
  2. Brand
  3. Model

Each of these fields would be filled via a drop-down menu that would grow thanks to the users input, via a “create new brand” & “create new model”, each creation being moderated by the E1 team to avoid wrong or non-existing references…
My 0.2 cents…


I too think that is a good idea. If I can be of help, I can make some starting lists with content, where I’d try to at least cover all the presets already made. Be happy to do that (in an Excel) and correlate it already to each of the presets, if there is interest from Martin and Thomas.

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@NewIgnis if you were willing to make such a list, I would upload the info to the system and would use it from filtering.

and I know you can produce very comprehensive and quality lists… :slight_smile:

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Here’s the result.
E1 categories.txt (1.8 KB)

After browsing all presets, I found it not to be useful to add the model as a tag (only the brand), but rather to advise preset creators to put the model in the preset name. If not, you’ll have thousands of tags.For that reason you won’t see a category called ‘model’. Any existing model-tags are in the category ‘various’.

Some tags were the same but written differently. You’ll notice them at the right as ‘synonym’.

All in all, it looks like tags could be useful to answer :

  • What is the BRAND of the instrument you want to control (roland, clavia, ik multimedia…)?
  • What TYPE of instrument is the preset controlling (synth, daw, fx…)?
  • What is the FOCUS of the preset on (hardware, lua, tutorial, vst…)?
  • a fourth category for ‘various’ purposes

3 other remarks:

  • all brands, focuses, types and various that are in the published presets should also appear in the txt file. I did add other brands which are suspect of having sysex implemented or CC assigned.
  • however I noticed while going through the preset, not all tags used are appearing above the preset list, so I might have overlooked some of them. sorry about that
  • it may be relevant to review the existing tag assignments to make its use more consistent

Now I’m off to see the F1 finale.

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Thanks guys. As an indication Schneidersladen alphabetical layout of brands access is really well built. You click on the letter and you jump to the desired section:

Beware: SchneidersLadens core business aims at modular gear which mostly is all about control voltages and not about Digital control with MIDI CC or SysEx. For instance the letter A has a lot of brands not making any Midi oriented gear, while brands like Akai and Alesis that are of interest to us, are not in their list.

Thanks for pointing that out but I pointed to Schneidersladen layout only as a great example of alphabetical/per brand layout. It could have been a shop for motorbikes or ski gear for that matter… just to clarify…


The filters on brand, device type, software/hardware have been added. Also, it is possible to order the list.

There are still bits to do, but it is better now I would say.

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