[Solved] Website Preset Load time

The preset library page takes pretty long to load.
Would it be an option to make subcategories according to the specific brands and that way speed up loading time?

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Hi @Ehoax

thanks for pointing that out. You are right, the presets library is growing very fast and the page needs to be improved. I will look into that soon.


Well, as suggested in another thread it would be great to have some filters and orders such as per Brand, per model, most recently created, etc… Making a few fields compulsory at the first steps of the creation of a preset such as “Brand” and “model” so that loading time but also search time would be greatly improved…

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I do like the ‘preview’ image,
but perhaps if this is taking time to load we could just have a more utilitarian ‘list’ view.

perhaps each line is a small icon, name, author, date last updated.
categorisation would be really handy, I think hardware / software would be a great start.

of course, categorisation means that we need to start collecting more meta data during upload.
e.g. is it hardware or software, upload date, version number, manufacturer…
this would be good to do now, as theres are a managable number of presets to update now manually… but this number is going to continue to grow, and so makes this task harder in the future.

also can we have a section for instrument defintiion files.
I dont really use presets, rather I build ‘custom’ presets from instruments. these are kind of pointless to share (who else needs a preset that has Octatrack + Vahalla Reverb + Aalto!)
But, Id be happy to share these instrument files, which I think are useful to others.
we only need ability to upload/download these eif files
( since you cannot directly upload to E1)

also I think perhaps get rid of the ‘instruments’ section in this forum,
I find it pretty confusing, its generally just duplicating whats in the library.
perhaps that forum category could be more generalised into something like ‘community contributions’?
there we can share other things we are developing or doing with the E1.


Great to see you here @thetechnobear , I know you as an active member on the Squarp Forum:).
I’m completely aboard the definition files Idea, and yes I too like my own custom Presets, however for starting out it’s great to be able to build on top of existing stuff. The first preset I’ve made was for the Nord Drum 2, I based it on the one for the nord drum 3p (thanks btw, whoever made that one!).

What I’m missing badly is a way to change midi channel for all (selected) parameters.

The instruments section as a duplicate is useless, but I would like to see it as a place for collaboration. I need to make a preset for my Yamaha Fs1r and that is way to complex for me to do by myself.

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I dont really find this necesssary, as we already have a way of grouping parameters, and then changing their midi settings together !!!

however, the way to do this is perhaps not immediately obvious, esp if you are not using the midi devices selection in the editor.

let me give you a simple example.

below is a preset, which im currently working on
which controls two different modules in my percussa ssp module.
you can imagine that these are different hardware devices.
a mixer in section 2, a fx module in section 3

now notice how I have used TWO midi devices , one for PMIX and one for CLDS, and Ive named them appropriately. and then assigned to the respective parameters

you will also see they are both assigned to PORT 1/ Channel 1… so strictly this doesnt do much here
BUT it means, if I want to change all my CLDS parameters to use midi channel 2 or port 2, I simply edit that midi device, and it the other (PMIX) parameters are unaffecrted.

the key thing here, is these midi devices are ‘virtual’, so in a preset, for set of parameters that represent a different hardware instrument, or VST,
I assign a different midi device even if they currently exist on the same port/channel as another.
this way, later I can come along and change its port/channel without affecting other instruments parameters.

I know the UI doesn’t make this immediately obvious, since it by default it assigns different ports/channels to each - but this is the reason these ‘devices’ are editable.

btw: dont worry about the fact they are split by port 1/2, when you switch them over, they automatically will move in the menu.

anyway, hope that helps.

EDIT: just in case you have not noticed, (and to be 'complete) this is the panel where you can edit the midi settings (you hit the little gear icon to get to it) , as you can see, not only can you edit channel , but also flip it to the other port if you wish.

Screenshot 2021-05-08 at 18.08.21


Thanks a lot! I indeed did not really look into the device settings, didnt have the time to really dive in. I’ll have some days off soon and am also interested trying out that python script you wrote.

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Didn’t realize this could be done. Super helpful!

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Big thanks to @thetechnobear for doing the support when I was away!

Yes, the devices are the key to managing the channels. It can be confusing because the concept is not commonly seen on other controllers (I think). The main idea behind it is possibility to assign the instrument files to the devices.