Arturia Pigments VST

Layout for Pigments. I mapped the Engine controls (Analog and WT), filters, tune, play settings and macros. Not enough IDs to do envelopes, lfo, etc.

The Electra One.pdf file is the midi controls config file that you can import to Pigments. Rename extension to .pgtmidi before importing.

Pigments.epr (21.1 KB)
Electra One.pdf (12.0 KB)


@jigdagod great stuff. thanks for sharing all your work!

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You’re welcome. I’m loving the E1! Actually thinking about getting another one in the future, but need to find a place to put it on my desk.

Wow, that sounds great. Will download the preset right now and check it out.

Let me know if you have any issues with it.