Autosave didnt work :(

I reloaded the edit page and the Lua script was rolled back a couple of hours although I was constantly uploading test versions. :frowning: Basically I lost a whole night of work. Is there a way to extract the Lua script from electra one? I tried sending the sysex mentioned somewhere but that didnt work.

thanks for any help!


sending a sysex message according to this will force E1 to send the Lua script back:

It can be done with a SysEx Librarian, MidiOx, sendmidi or similar tool:

sendmidi dev "Electra Controller Electra CTRL" syx 00h 21h 45h 02h 0Ch

For SysEx Librarian / MidiOx use file:
getLua.syx (7 Bytes) and send it to Electra Controller Electra CTRL port.

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got it! thank you so much!!!