Electra App update - Basic SysEx editor / Electra Log viewer / Device rates

The new version of Electra App has been just released at https://app.electra.one

The main goal of this Electra App release is to kick off work on the visual SysEx editor and make preset “development” more convenient.


  • The SysEx template editor (ie. outgoing SysEx messages) has been improved so that the structure of the message is shown in more visual way and JSON objects can be edited individually.
  • An option to send the Lua script to the controller has been added to the Lua editor. This is to make the development workflow faster.
  • Electra logs are displayed in the Lua script editor.
  • Rate of MIDI message transmission (Electra → device) can be configured on per device basis. This allows users to adjust the speed of communication for older gear.

Visual SysEx editor
First off, this is the very first step, really. There is a growing number of users who need more user-friendly and less geeky way of working with SysEx. We will adjust the editor so that it will be possible to compose SysEx messages by clicking stuff instead of editing JSON. This first step adds a new, more visual view, of the SysEx message and allows user to add / remove new SysEx bytes and edit them individually. The editing is still done with JSON. It will be replaced with some sort of forms in future releases.

Tabs can be used to switch between the visual view and the JSON editor:

Clicking on the “byte” record opens an editor with the JSON of that particular byte. Adding a new byte provides a JSON template for give byte type:

Lua editor / Electra logs

The Lua extension script can be opened by clicking the Edit Lua Script button in the main sidebar:

The new version of the editor provides an easy way to run the script on Electra. The tabs are there to switch between the editor and the Electra logs viewer. This means one does not need to switch to ElectraOne console app when working with Lua.

The log viewer displays the stream of Log messages in real time:

Device rate

In order to adjust the MIDI transmission rate, click the Edit device button:

and then enter the rate. The value is the lenght of the lag between the messages [milliseconds]:


especially having the log view inside the app will be very helpful

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I will try to add an interactive console too. It will allow running the Lua commands on the fly. That should make discovering sysex messaging quite fun.


On page https://app.electra.one, clicking MY PRESETS opens Electra One App.
Any chance of offering a small number of sub-accounts?
Maybe visible for the user as
and so on. Maybe hitting the MY PRESETS link could open a short menu…
And the “sub-accounts” could be name-able?

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Using real user accounts and linking them together would be quite a big change to the whole system. But if I get it right, you are asking for posibility to have catagories or folders for your presets. Is that correct? ie. looking for a way to organize your presets?

I thought it might be easy. Challenging to keep things well-organized when there are rather different projects going on. I can deal with it in documentation on the side, thanks Martin.