Testing todays new Electra app version

SysEX editor

  • when deleting a byte, the ‘delete byte’ option disappears. Workaround: close the SysEx editor and open it again

LUA log viewer
Can’t make it work. Here’s what happens:

  • My E1 is connected
  • In the app I select (and press ‘edit’) a preset containing a LUA script that starts with:
    - print (“hello world”)
    - print (“This message will be shown in the ElectraOne console”)
  • when I press ‘Run the Script’:
    • I see the preset changing on the E1. However that was not my intention (I assumed the script was going to run on the PC, not on the E1), as a result I overwrote another preset on the E1. Can this be avoided, for instance by comparing the name of the preset in the editor with the one in the E1, before executing the script/uploading into the E1?
    • the Log Viewer remains empty, allthough yesterday I enabled the log viewing. Now I’m in doubt if the settings are still there. Is there a way we can review/change the log view settings as well from inside the Electra app?

Rate settings

  • Can you add “(in milliseconds)” to the description?
  • you can enter (and store) negative values. Probably not menaningful
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I hope it should be working just fine now.

This is strange. What operating system and what browser/version are you using?


Thanks for reporting!

=> Yes it is :slight_smile:

  • Windows 10 Home Edition version 20H2
  • Google Chrome version 96.0.4664
  • Is it normal, when I use the Electra console (so not the app), I only get to see entries appearing in the log viewer when a power on the E1? I mean, once powered on while being on a preset without Lua script , and then I switch to a preset that has Lua script that starts with print commands, nothing is appearing in the log viewer. What do I need to do to get the set up part of the Lua script started?

=> I tested again. All fine :slight_smile:

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It looks like that your logger is disabled again. This is the SysEx to enable it:

F0 00 21 45 7F 7D 01 00 F7

Let me know if it helped.

I will add a button for this to the app.electra.one and an option to enable/disable logger from within the Lua script…

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Can we code buttons in our presets to send Logger On/Off messages to the Electra One from the Electra One? I was thinking about this the other day. If from inside a LUA script in a preset I send the Logger off sysex to the control port, would that work?

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Sorry, despiccable me. I f*d it up. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I thought I had engaged the log viewer, but I never did, because I sent the right sysex to the wrong port.
My EUR fell today, so I sent the sysex off to port 3, got the reply F0 00 21 45 7F 00 70 72 6F 63 65 73 73 45 6C 65 63 74 72 61 53 79 73 65 78 3A 3A 4C 4F 47 47 45 52 20 4F 4E F7 and now my E1 doesn’t stop talking anymore. :sunglasses:


Yes, definitely. I will add a functions to enable and disable logging from the Lua script.

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Great - this would be one of those things I’d add to a configuration/setup page for my presets during testing. That way (especially with the web app improvements - thank you very much!) I could have full logging during development and then turn it off for daily use.

Note that the Console app enables logging as soon a device connects with it and, more importantly, it disables logging before it exits because until now there were no consumers of logs other than the Console and it was just wasteful for the device to log effectively to the void. That behaviour may surprise users that play with logging.

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