Behringer JT-4000 Micro

Here goes a link to a preset for the Behringer JT-4000 micro

It took several weeks of searching to find an outdated version of the manual containing a not very accurate version of the MIDI cc implementation chart. From there I spent a couple of days banging it with CCs until I figured out which things could be controlled. Classic Behringer quality and attention to detail there but it’s a fun little toy so whatever.

Some answers to questions you may have:
Is everything in this synth controllable via CC?
Definitely not. None of the arpeggiator, chord, or octave controls are addressable via CC so you’ll have to change those using the tiny little knobs on the device.

Does the JT-4000 Micro sound like a JP8000 / JP8080?
Also no but it sounds really good for what it is.

Does the supersaw setting sound like a JP8000?
It does not. I’ve owned a JP8000 since the 90’s and this does not sound like the supersaw. It sounds like a chorused saw. It sounds good but don’t get your hopes up here.

Is this preset complete
I have no idea. There is no manual available for this thing, the firmware updates do not contain any info as to what controls may have been added or changed along the way, and no one seems to want to share the CC chart publicly. The only place I didn’t look was facebook because, you know, facebook so maybe this info is available there but I doubt it.

Party on.