Studio Electronics ATC-X

WIP of the above mentioned synth. Should also work for the ATC-1 (minus filter selection and minus Noise) and ATC-Xi.SE ATC-X.epr (5.7 KB)
Should I also push to github? if so, I currently don’t have upload rights.
and fyi I tried to use the SE Omega preset from github as a starting point but it says “Roland TB3” in the description and the architecture looks like it as well.

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Hi Marcus,

I will fix the SE Omega preset. I guess TB3 is left there by mistake. For now, it is ok to have your preset just here on the forum. We are preparing a new way of sharing presets - github is too technical for many users.



As I don’t have an Omega it’s not important for me, just wanted to let you know.
Yep, it saw the new preset sharing thing, looks great. But I also like having things stored locally, will this still be an option?

yes, we will keep the option to store presets locally. It is a crucial feature for many of us.

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