Behringer Pro-800

Behringer Pro-800 preset


Struggling with getting updated controls from patch request; maybe someone smarter than me can have a look. I think I’ve managed to make the correct sysex string to request patch; but not how to use the returned data to update the preset.

Some sysex info for the Pro-800 to be found here

Hi, I might be of help in a couple of weeks. I’m current occupied with other matters than making music, but as it happens the Pro-800 arrived at my doorstep this week. i’ll try somewhere mid or end october to deepdive in its SysEx and your preset, and then see where I can be of assistance.

Keep up the good work


Just did some tests on your preset: check the midi cc you use.Most of them you used in the ‘fine’ range starting at 80,whereas you better use the coarse one, typically 72 down ,starting at 8.
For the on/off parameters do use the values 64/0 instead if 127/0.

Those 2 changes will make your preset respond to changes you apply to the Pro-800.
Try it out please .