DSI/Sequential Prophet REV 2

Preset for the Prophet REV 2. I have it set to Midi Channel 2 on my device. Make sure to change it to what your device is using. If there are any issues please feel free to leave feedback.

Things to figure out
-Poly Sequencer: I haven’t tried yet to know if this is something that can be added.

-Is it possible for the E1 screen to update with the information from the preset that’s is loaded?

I’m loving the E1!

Prophet REV 2.epr (73.8 KB)

jig, nice work, was contemplating doing the rev2 but dont have a unit in front of me to test it out. so for the split/stack issue, took a look at the nrpn parameter data in the back of the manual, and it seems to be implemented as it is on the rev1 and tetra. so it would be nrpn 163 for both those commands, on the rev1 template I just stuck them on the same controller, where a value of 0 is normal, 1 is stacked, and 2 is split.

The sequencer can be added, as with REV1 and Tetra, based off the nrpns, I just ran out of pages on the electra.

Im hoping martin can implement more pages per preset, as well as more presets for the electra 1 in a future firmware update. I guess if theres a possibility to add those two then naturally we would also get more patches per preset as well (however in this case it would have to be an exponentially higher number of patches that we would have access to on the electra 1)

You can. currently set up a controller to send a sysex message and request a program data dump from the rev2 to the electra one of all parameters in the preset.

Martin had also mentioned implementing a sysex call to update parameters of an individual control, in a future firmware update in another thread, im assuming that would be an individual controller level.

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@razmusen Thank you and thank you for that tip! I also used your Prophet 08 preset to understand most of it because I was familiar with the 08. I don’t know why I didn’t grasp that it was all using the same button and it shouldn’t be different buttons.

I updated the file and changed some things around and added the FX sync time for the delays. I forgot about those. I’m sure there is other things I forgot. I will see if the 2 pages I have left is enough for the poly sequencer if I need to I probably could get rid of global page too.

I hope more pages can be implemented as well. 12 seems like a lot, until you start adding everything to it. I’m thinking of doing the Kyra next and wondering how that would work out since it’s 8 part multi timberal. I wonder if I’ll have enough pages for it or if I’ll have to split it up to several presets.

How do you do this? I’m still trying to understand the rest of the E1. Do I need to be on a certain firmware?

Jig, hey so i went ahead and setup a sysex request for program dump on my electra preset going to the tetra, its sending out the right data to the tetra and the tetra is responding with a data dump back to the electra, however the electras controllers which Ive setup as NRPNs are showing no change to reflect the tetras preset values. So Im thinking that the template on the electra might have had to be programmed in sysex as opposed to NRPN.

Further I found, at least with the tetra so far, that to get this communication working properly I needed to use the physical midi in and out ports on the tetra and electra, as going trough USB port on the electra which I had been doing and was working perfectly for the NRPNs, resulted in the electra not receiving the program data back from the tetra.

Maybe Martin can shed some light on the USB port issue, I can verify that its an issue with the USB port on the electra and not the tetra, as I hooked the tetra and electra up via physical midi, and then ran the usb from the tetra to my computer, once I requested the program dump via a physical cable between the tetra/electra, the tetra spat out the program dump via the USB cable to my computer, and via physical midi back to the electra, tried different USB cables to make sure it wasnt the issue.

So if you look in the back of the REV2 manual, pg. 91, there will be a table of binary data that you need to convert to hex before programming the sysex request into the electra, you want the data from table “Request Program Edit Buffer Dump”, disregard the first and last line, ie 1111 0000 and 1111 0111, those are F0 and F7 respectively which the electra generates automatically with any sysex message. You want lines 3,4,5 which translate respectively to “01” “2F” “06”. set up a Sysex controller on the electra and plug those numbers in. No need to program anything else, as all you want is a constant value being sent to the REV2. Once you twist the knob, regardless of direction it will always send out a constant sysex string of data, requesting the program dump.

I will check if the Patch requests are sent correctly to devices connected to USB Host port. The USB host port was originally meant more for master keyboards and sequencers, so it is possible that it is missing there. Will check and if it is not there, I will add it in the next release of the firmware.

The patch parsing is a bit more complex. There is an article that describes the basics:

Besides sending a Patch dump request, there must be definitions (rules) that tell Electra how to parse the data out of the patch dump sysex message and assign them to parameters. The patch parsing definitions can be written only manually - editor does not support any type of visual editing yet. It is a plan, however, to add this functionality to the editor at some point.

If you wanted to experiment with that, I suggest to start with simple stuff as reading just one value out of the patch dump sysex message. If this works correctly for you, you can start adding more parameters. @RobinC has become quite an expert in this :slight_smile:

martin, thanks for the info on the usb port as well as the link to the parsing documentation, looks very interesting.
One question though, if i did have the sysex parsed out to reflect the controller values on the electra, am i correct in assuming for the time being, putting aside a possible converter in future firmware - depending on how you implement that too, but for the time being would I have to have my preset setup on the electra as sysex and not nrpn for it to show the parsed sysex dump?

I’ve got a Circuit Mono Station preset that downloads the patch from the mono station via Sysex to update the electra. I need to test it with the latest firmware but will upload over the next few days so you can see what I did. Updating of the mono station itself is done via CC7 and CC14. I’ve also got about 95% of the way through a Novation Circuit preset that does the same - think that uses NRPNS for some controls

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Robin, that would be would be great, and highly appreciated to see another example of how the parsing is implemented, thanks

I’ve uploaded by preset and instrument files for the Mono Station. It’s the instrument file you really want to look at. Load this into the JSON editor of your choice. The section you need to look at is the patch section. This basically parses the SysEx from the mono station passing values to the various controls - this is all done in the rules section. I added an extra parameter to this section (RMCId) which is not required or used by the electra but helped me keep track of which parameter was being parsed.

You will need to get hold of the sysex spec for the Rev 2. I believe that another user started analysing the structure of the sysex and posted this on the sequential forum. I can’t vouch for its accuracy or completeness. Otherwise you will need to use a midi sniffer and go through the boring exercise of working it all out yourself

thanks for the instrument file, was just reacquainting myself with sysex over the past week, so I think Im ready to get into the parsing soon. Ive been going over the parsing/sysex resources on github, and its starting to make more sense to me now, will definitely be using your preset and inst. file to see how it all fits in together