[Preset] Waldorf Pulse 2 with patch + globals parsing and arp patterns

Just finsihed a working version of a new preset today for the mono/paraphonic (yes, it’s complicated) Waldorf Pulse 2.
Full control is established, except for the ARP patterns.
Patch request is implemented, but I stll need to make the patch parsing.


Version 1.0 WALDORF Pulse 2

No patch parsing yet, only patch request

Used MIDI settings in the Pulse 2:

  • MIDI channel = 15
  • Device ID = 0 (needed for SysEx)
  • TX parameter = Ctrl + SysEx

Highlights / attention points:

  • The OSC1 selection will hide/show the appropiate controls
  • The globals page does not read anything yet, but changing these values on the E1 is functional.
  • The ARP page has a transpose section for live use. Be sure to go back to transposing to Root Note C before shutting down the Pulse 2, as the last transpose setting is memorized as a global setting by the Pulse 2.

@NewIgnis Wow! You are really involved with creating these presets! Love it!

What is the difference between Patch Request and Patch Parsing?

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Good question!

Patch request= sending the appropriate bank and program change to the synth. The synth responds with the requested patch. The controls on the E1 do not reflect the chosen patch .

Patch parsing starts with the same patch request but additionally you force the synth via Sysex to dump its corresponding set of parameter values (usually called a patch or sound edit buffer) which is then captured by the E1 and converted into values for each of the parameters the E1 knows about that synth patch. The latter is called the ‘parsing’ or deconstruction of the message . It allows you to see on the E1 how the original sound was crafted.

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Version 1.3 is ready. Only took me a few hours to get the parsing of the program patch and the global settings done, thanks to a well thought out and documented SysEx by Waldorf.

For instance , the parameter values for the CC transmissions as well as in the SysEx dumps match ! Can’t be said for most SysEx implementations, and makes parsing much easier.


Thank you for explaining, @NewIgnis! Appreciated!!!

Thanks for this !
Sorry if it’s a bit off-topic, but do you know if there is a way to ‘recall’ a stored patch that you have modified, without doing into the Utility menu ? Sending the corresponding PC doesn’t reload the original sound.

Curious isnt’it ? I discovered the same yesterday but I don not know the answer yet, but shutting it down did recover the original patch. So it looks the Pulse has more than one edit buffer. But I haven’t found the reason nor the way it works.


Yeah, I’d say that every sound slot has its own edit buffer.
I’ll investigate.


I think the Pulse does not load a preset in its edit buffer, unless you edit that preset. Merely selecting a preset does not load it. So when you change to another sound, but without editing that sound, the previously edited sound will remain in buffer. To clear that buffer you need to tweak another sound. Check if that corresponds with your experiences.

New version available of the Pulse 2, called PULSE 2 NIG V2.0beta.
Electra One App.

  • Redesign to a standard color scheme

  • Adaptation to the latest firmware

  • Pages are available to control the parameters of each ARP step.

  • I’ve used a function ’ midi.flush()’ however, that may not be working yet for every device. If you have trouble, take it out of lua , try again and let me know.

New version available fur the Pulse 2 Preset, called “PULSE 2 NIG V2.2”.


New in V2.2:

  • 4 much improved ARP pages with additional ‘change for in 4’ assistance buttons. It’s a lot more fun now to create ARP’s in the Pulse 2. And the Pulse 2 is very good at it.
  • You can scroll through the 4 ARP pages quickly. Useful during performance.
  • Patch select does not use banks anymore! All presets are reachable with 1 fader from 1 to 500.
  • You can skip 20 presets at a time, to scroll faster.
  • Mod slots 1 & 2 are now also on the filter page
  • Overall lay-out changes

It hasn’t been tested yet on a Mk2, so keep me posted when issues arise.

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